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A top drive motor is a hydraulic or electric motor set in

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  • A top drive motor is a hydraulic or electric motor set in

    Have you ever wondered how oil rigs work? You know that they involve drilling and motors and a lot of equipment to bore the hole into the ground or deep under the sea.

    Then there was the shocking British Petroleum scandal which opened the eyes and ears of the world to the language of oil drilling. All over the media they were talking about rigs Duke Dawson Jersey , top drives, masts Sony Michel Jersey , tubular, offshore this and that and all sorts of vocabulary which were very hard to comprehend.

    Those who are interested in knowing how these companies drill the oil from the earth’s reserves should at least get familiar with what are involved in keeping the oil flowing into out gas stations and the fuel in out vehicles.

    What is a top drive motor?

    A top drive motor is a hydraulic or electric motor set in the mast of a drill rig and revolves the drill string and bit. It is used in the actual process in the drilling of a well.
    A top drive drilling system which uses a varying AC motor has been found to not only increase the performance but can also lower the time spent on upkeep which are usually met in top drive motors.

    With the AC motor Isaiah Wynn Jersey , there is no need for a gearbox, a lubricating system and other problems usually associated with leaking fluids. This will lead to low upkeep while increasing its performance level and can increase the torsion compared to others of the same system.
    This new motor is built with high density magnetic steel and windings that can give twice the peak of the torque of the traditional motors. These machines now include more copper and iron and can give more thermal mass which will provide the motor to resist increases in temperature.

    This new type of motor will permit the drilling fluid to go through the hollow shaft of the AC motor rather of around it.

    The top drive system for drilling wellbores as those in drilling for oil and gas wells makes up a main body that encases a motor for rotating a sub which also has a rotor that is attached to a sub linked to one stand of tubular.

    The tubular are the drill pipes Derek Rivers Jersey , casings, liners Malcom Brown Jersey , and others such as those used in construction, upkeep and repair of wellbores for oil wells and gas wells. The top drive system can be used to trip the tubular inside and outside of the wellbores. It can turn the drill string to help boring of the wellbore and it can turn a single tubular proportional to a string of tubular which are found in the wellbore to threadly link or unplug them from the string of tubular in the drill string to increase or reduce the string of tubular.
    The use of the top drive will do away with the need for the regular Kelly and rotary table and can diminish manual labor and the hazards associated with that manual labor. For those who contract for drilling the use of the top drive invention means that they can step-up their efficiency in drilling and they can do things faster.

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