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  • Before start play read this

    Hi all i was play in this game over 1 year and can say few thinks before even you start play :
    1.Game dont change over 6 years (mean grafic etc ... )
    2.Too many Bugs in this game ( Bug is chasing the next bug )
    3.Need pay 30$ a month with s-bot or any other bot -- 35$ a month
    4.JcPlanet dont gave a fuck and that dont care if u need about them and Support they always ANSWER :

    We asked your opinion to developers.
    And we can’t give you any guarantee to make it as your opinion.

    But we’ll do our best to satisfy you.
    -That mean they cant nothing and they dont fucking Care cuz its the BOSS
    5. And last too many scammers in this fucking service (Muslims and Turkish Motherfuckers)
    Sooooo if you wana spend youre money for nothing just dont play in that Game take girlfriend to Cinema or dinner then fuck right and dont waste youre time .
    That my opinion olny --dont facking care that u Like or No . Cya

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    1. They just stopped to develop the game since 2012-2013, when arabia expansion has leaked.
    2. Yeah, there is graphic bugs from 10 years and more.
    3. Actually, 99% of a single server are bots. This is out from joymax's control.
    4. Since joymax fired the costumer support team, they only do copy + paste this same answer for major subjects. JC Planet still using this same answer because the game is not managed by JC, Silkroad Online still administered by Joymax underneath the cloths in the end. JC only host the servers.
    5. In fact Silkroad Online is the mmo rpg with the most number of stupid and brainless scammer people, ever.


    • #3
      that fucking true if they see you have a lot money thet game will ript you from money cuz if u buy silk a lott they will see that and you never dont will be succes in alchemy and Magic POP , Magic Lamp etc.... , cuz they are Scammers Motherfuckers


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        Yes that True in this game need BANN all Muslims and Turkish cuz they are biggest Mutherfuckers Scamers . Fuck islam fuck Allah - he was Ladyboy btw


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          Yeaa Muslims and Turkish ppl think they is best in this game because they scamm ppls . That true Man fuck ISIS fuck allah


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