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Mama Style While Traveling with a Toddler in Tow

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  • Mama Style While Traveling with a Toddler in Tow

    Mama Style While Traveling with a Toddler in Tow

    One thing I love about vacation is that our mornings are slow, and there is rarely anywhere we have to be in a timely manner, so I can take a bit more time getting dressed. I love to take outfits on vacation that I don’t wear often otherwise. However, I also need to make sure that they work for both our system of packing light, and the demands of having a toddler to chase after. As I chose my vacation wardrobe for our upcoming trip to London and Nice, I also had to make sure that my outfits would work for two different climates. London can be a bit chilly this time of year, while Nice is sunny and warm during the day, requiring the lightest of jackets in the evening, if any at all. Here is a glimpse of what I packed and why.Traveling Mama StyleI want to look good,baby toys, but I want to feel good and be comfortable while chasing my toddler, too.Outfits for Cool WeatherI like to mix it up between jeans and dresses. For cooler weather,baby nappies, jeans are paired with a long sleeve tee, and dresses are paired with tights or leggings. I chose a jacket that goes well with all the tops and dresses I packed, plus is easy to slip on over the baby carrier if I’m wearing Elvie instead of pushing her in the stroller. Everything is comfortable and easy to move around in, and I choose dresses that can be worn in warm weather, too, sans tights.Outfits for Warm WeatherA cute top that’s sleeveless goes well with the skinny jeans that I can also wear in cool weather, and a dress is easy to pull on. I pack light and mid-weight cardigans to pull on in the evening if necessary, and my secret weapon – bike shorts – keeps me covered when I’m wearing dresses that are shorter or might blow up a bit in the sea breeze (or be pulled up by toddler hands).Versatile FootwearWe do a lot of walking when we travel, so I need shoes that are comfortable. Boots are strictly for cooler weather, sandals are for when it’s warm, and flats can be used for both. I choose neutral colors so they go with everything I pack.Accessories!Each outfit I choose needs to have one scarf and one necklace to go with it, so I can choose either depending on climate and mood. All the scarves are wide enough to also use as a wrap, doing double duty. The watch and earrings are basic, the same ones for every day, allowing the neckwear to take center stage. Both necklaces are designed for teething babies, so they do double duty as well. I custom ordered the yellow one from an Etsy seller,baby feeding, and it has already proved to be a good distraction for a fussy toddler.My Travel OutfitOn the plane, I want to be as comfortable as I would be in pajamas, but look presentable, too. I wear a jersey knit dress and leggings, with boots, a scarf, and a cardigan. When it’s time to take an in flight nap, I can remove the boots and use the scarf as my own personal blanket. When it’s time to deplane, it all goes on again, and I look good on arrival at our destination.