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Summon Boss Event !

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  • Summon Boss Event !

    Period of Boss Event : 6th of May ~ 20th of May

    Bosses are summoned from 7 areas in channel 2 and may drop Spike Stone.
    You can craft Spike Mask Random Box from NPC Jacks with dropped Spike Stone.
    Spike Mask are consist of 3hous, 1day, 7days, 15days, 30days, Permanent.

    Ability of Spike Mask
    1. 3hous, 1day, 7days, 15days, 30days: 120 HP and 120 MP
    2. Permanent : Recover 30% of HP and MP, +5 all stat, Critical 30

    You can craft it with “Epic Potion” (Instant 300 HP with 3 seconds of Cool time).
    The “Epic Potion” will be sold only in the event period.
    Selling Period : 6th of May ~ 20th of May

    There are 2 ways to craft Spike Mask Random Box.
    1. Craft with 3 dropped Spike Stones from boss monster
    (Kind of Spike Mask in the box: 3hous, 1day, 7days, 15days, 30days, Permanent)
    2. Craft with 2 dropped Spike Stone and 1 Epic Potion
    (Kind of Spike Mask in the box: 15days, 30days, Permanent)

    All Spike Mask from Spike Mask Random Box can’t be traded.
    And only Permanent Spike Mask from Spike Mask Random Box can move to another storages of your account.

    Where you can buy Epic Potion :
    Here is the map where Boss appears.

    We hope all of you guys get permanent Spike Mask.


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    Hello [GM]Aria i want to ask you if you can change the effect of the weapon when you upgrade it because just at +10 its look cool and it so hard to get +10 . befor 1 year it was so cool the effects that you get start from +5 . so please if you can change it back as it was i player will love it so much
    Thank you
    (name in game [KingOfWar])


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      Dear [GM].
      Hello . i want to ask if its possible to have a new event or anything new item custom or new effect for the weapon for +10 +12 +15.
      because the game it dying and if you dont do anything everyone will leave it and i love it so much so please do something.
      thank you



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        edda will have a final closing ? events are not changing. war is still at low numbers, edda store is close for more than a days and the ranking still can't open. so it will close soon like the other server was totally down. i play edda since 2011 so please remind us or post your recent thoughts about it, so we prepared ourselves to end up playing edda


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          Miss this game.


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            yeah me too i miss this game too