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The game still have any population?

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  • The game still have any population?

    I logged in today to see if the game still exists and i sew the server online, and logged in and sew my character, but i havent didnt find anybody and i sew no itens at players market, the game still active? If not, why the server still online?

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    The game is dead, haven't seen a single player exept doodle (and his side characters).


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      приходите !!! возвращайтесь !!! мне скучноооо !!!!


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        Well yeah same as now just logged on and no one is online XD


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          Hey guys! I'm xCrew (oly side) so yeah the game still online but with very few players; less than 10 I'd say. Most of us play during the weekends and not for so long so I'd recommend you guys join in any of the "active" guilds either Empire state, EliteGuardians in titan side or TitanHunters, GameOver in oly side. Doing this you'll; first, get ppl to help you with quest or hunting and second, you won't feel alone or have a bad experience throughout the game.