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[Game Guide] Siege War

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  • [Game Guide] Siege War

    Siege war

    Siege war is PvP content (Guild vs Guild) for 60 minutes.

    Secure right of attack is decided by Guild Coin Open Bid of Guild Master. The highest Guild will obtain right of attack.

    1) Siege war begins from every of .
    2) Open Bid can be available by hours before Siege War.

    1. Process

    Register & Open Bid => Siege War Start => Compensation

    1) Register & Open Bid

    You can register Siege War from Bakum who is neighbouring arena of Trinzel.

    * Notice
    - Guild Coin can be obtained through log-in of Guild Members and Dungeon Clear.
    - Max Bid Guild: 3 (In the first Siege War, Max 4 Guilds can attend)
    - When you are not in the available rank, your request will be canceled automatically.
    - When your request is canceled, used Guild Coin will be returned.

    2. Siege War Start

    1) Defense Guild
    - Guild that succeeded in defense of previous war can attend Siege War without Open Bid.
    - In the first war, the highest Guild in the Open Bid will be Defense Guild.
    - Max 100 Guild Members can attend.

    2) Attack Gild
    - Max 80 Guild Members can attend.

    3) Siege War

    (1) Victory and Defeat will be decided by Sevant’s whereabouts.
    (2) There are Sevant, Main Revival Point, Sub Revival Point, Siege War Weapon and Gate in the map of Siege Map.

    4) Victory Condition

    1) Defense Guild
    - When you protect [Sevant] from Attack Guild by the end of Siege War.

    2) Attack Gild
    - When you secure [Sevant] and don’t die for 90 seconds, you will win the war.
    - When the character who has [Sevant] dies, [Sevant] will be dropped at the place the the character died.
    - The character who has [Sevant] will get buff of -50% Movement Speed and +50% Vitality

    5) Compensation

    Compensation will be sent to characters of victory guild when the war is over by mail.

    (1) Guild Master
    - Reward Box: It has Jewel item valued as 10,000,000 Gold
    - Guild master will receive victory compensation even though the guild master didn’t attend the war.
    - Victory Buff: Gold Acquire +50%

    2) Guild Member
    - Reward Box: It has Jewel item valued as 3,000,000 Gold
    - Guild Members must be in the Siege War Map at the end to get compensation.
    - Victory Buff: Gold Acquire +30%

    6) Trinburg Hall

    Only members of victory guild can receive it.

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