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  • [Game Guide] Skill


    1. Skill Rune

    Skill Rune is only for Enhancement item that gives attribute to learned skill.
    There are three types. ‘Rune of Ruby’, ‘Rune of Sapphire’, ‘Rune of Emerald’.

    1) How to use and remove

    2) How to use

    (1) R-Click at equipment window
    (2) When the Rune is activated, cursor become flame and skill window will be displayed automatically.
    (3) When you select skill that you want to apply the Rune, effect will be applied.

    3) How to remove

    You can’t use Rune to the skill that is applied another Rune already. When you remove applied Rune, you need [Rune of Destroy].
    How to use of [Rune of Destroy] is same as how to use of Rune. When you use [Rune of Destroy], it will be disappeared automatically.

    2. Passive Skill

    When you are Lv10, you can use Passive Skills that you can enhance yourself.
    Passive Skills are not divided into each job.

    1) How to use

    You will receive 1 point whenever you level up from Lv10. When you click “Edit Skills”, you can use.
    Passive Skills divided as ‘Damage, ‘Defense’ and ‘Support’.

    But, Passive Skills have limit according to character Lv. and previous characteristic.
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    So It says on the main page that there will be a 3rd job for each class, Ex. adventurer third job would be Stalker/Techmeister. Will this be implemented in the game on the 14th?


    • Keruvim
      Keruvim commented
      Editing a comment
      I'm sure on 100% that it's will be done on 14th.