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[Game Guide] Open Field

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  • [Game Guide] Open Field

    Open Field

    It is normal MMO field that you can enter freely and monsters are regenerated constantly.

    ▶ Feature

    Exp from Open Field is lower than exp from Dungeon.
    But Drop rate of Enhancement Stone and Jewel is 3 times higher than Dungeon.
    And you can recover Fatigue by hunting monster in Open Field.

    When you kill monsters at Open Field, you can recover Fatigue little bit.
    Recovery quantity of Fatigue from anywhere of Open Field and every monster is same.
    But when you hunt monsters that are not matched with your level, Fatigue can’t recovered normally.

    ▶ Tactics

    1. How to enter

    You can enter Open Field through entrances that are in each village.

    2. Field Information

    Field Boss is respawned at specific location. Because it has high strength and attack, many colleagues to defeat it.

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    OOOO this seems nice


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      Is the Open Field still Open PvP/PK? This was one of the reasons I quit the game pretty much when it first started as Hero of the Obelisk. Fatigue runs out too fast and if you want to get more Fatigue by hunting monsters in the Open Field, your being forced into a PvP scenario pretty much. PvP is far too drama filled in every game for me to want to be bothered with it, because some people just can't PvP for fun, they have to be idiots/morons and rudely disrupt the gameplay of others and start drama, because supposedly that's "fun" to them, if its an open system.


      • CaoNi
        CaoNi commented
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        i remember the last time when i played this game (the name is still Hero of the Obelisk), the open field is open PvP, HOWEVER, that depends on the channel you are in. There are channels that are open PvP and those that are not... Hopefully, this will be like that too, leveling will be somewhat slow...

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      i hope open field is not pvp/pk for the sake of good order.....


      • CaoNi
        CaoNi commented
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        It's a lot easier to kill steal a field boss from a player if it is open PvP... Though it'd be somewhat unfair, it also has its benefits... Also, there are also fixes to this system, like having open PvP channels separate from closed PvP channels...

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      Well, we can play in party from start, so it's more easy to defend when fast farming exp.
      So... who want to play in party? ^_^