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[Game Guide] Camp War

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  • [Game Guide] Camp War

    Camp War

    Enter Camp War

    1) When Camp War begin, [Camp War] icon will be appeared beside character information

    2) If you are not under Lv condition to enter, you can’t enter.

    3) You can use it only in village. (Can’t use in Dungeons and Open Fields)

    4) Guardian Monster appears in the Open Field that Camp War is running.

    Process of Camp War

    1) You can check information of each Camp’s Guardian Monster in the Open Field that Camp War is running.

    2) You can check Vitality of Guardian Monster.

    3) You can see location of Guardian Monster in Mini Map.

    How to rank

    1) Defeat all Guardian Monsters of opponents

    Top 1: Camp that Guardian Monster is survive
    Top 2: Camp that Guardian Monster died at 2nd
    Top 3: Camp that Guardian Monster died at 1st

    2) Monster is survive by then end of Camp War

    Top 1: Camp that Vitality of Guardian Monster is highest
    Top 2: Camp that Vitality of Guardian Monster is high at 2nd
    Top 3: Camp that Vitality of Guardian Monster is lowest or Guardian Monster died
    Draw: Vitality of all Guardian Monsters is same

    Reward of Camp War

    When Camp War is over, Reward icon will be appeared.
    Buff reward will be given to Top 1, Top 2 and Top 3 except badge.
    Reward for rank will be given 3rd stages at most when you achieve same rank consecutively.
    And Camp War Buff is different in progress of Camp War and not in progress of Camp War..

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    awesome you give buffs to pvp winners!!! will there be pvp ranking and reward?
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      cant wait for this game


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        no sweets in pvp for Top1 is strange, but that's interesting)


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          I have a question on the item distribution for the loots of the boss. I've been doing camp war for a while and what I'm noticing is that I'm not getting any legendary items just mana stones. There are instances that the boss is already at 50% because of me and then a looter will come in and he will get all the legendary items sometimes not attacking at all. How is that so?


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            So aside from the obvious that Gunner is insanely overpowered... Golems have issues. They are kited to safe zones to kill. Fine. But i cant kite them because only RANGED people can? if i move a few feet away he heals and goes home, need a ranged attacked? im a knight, im a tank ,YET I CANNOT AGGRO ? i have no taunt? thats the point of the class >< even with chain of light to pull the golem, he ignores me. Very messed up.