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    Dungeons of ‘Dungeon Hero’ are contaminated by Mana Stone Waste. So it has a disastrous effect on human body.
    Fatigue is ability to overcome.

    ▶ Consume of Fatigue

    1. Fatigue will be reset once in a day. Consumed Fatigue in dungeons is different according to characteristic of dungeon.

    2. Fatigue will be decreased when you enter a dungeon and clear a dungeon. When Fatigue is 0, you can’t enter any dungeon.

    3. Fatigue Decrease will be applied from Lv1 Dungeon under below conditions.

    - Dungeon Entrance
    - Hunting Monster (Except Summoned Monster)
    - Dungeon Clear

    ※ When Fatigue is 0 in a dungeon, you can move to another floor, take mission and defeat boss. You can’t enter a dungeon after out of a dungeon.

    Open Field

    When you kill monsters at Open Field, you can recover Fatigue little bit.
    Recovery quantity of Fatigue from anywhere of Open Field and every monster is same.
    But when you hunt monsters that are not matched with your level, Fatigue can’t recovered normally.


    - Hot key is “I” and initial size of inventory is 8X4. You can expand inventory with ‘Inventory Line Increase’ item.

    1. How to use item

    - You can use item, equip item and change item with R-Click.

    2, How to remove item

    - When you drag an item that you want to remove and pull it out from inventory, remove window will pop-up. If you click “Yes”, you can remove the item.

    3. Function of Inventory

    • Filter

    You can find items through filter on upper right. And there are 5 categories.

    • Quest Window

    - There is Quest window on the upper of inventory. There is quest items in the Quest window.

    4. Receive Box

    - You can see brought items at Purchase Box of Cash Shop and items from system at Gift Box.

    Supply Box : When you create a character, you can see a supply box in your inventory. You can obtain various item according to your Lv.

    ▶ Storage

    1. You can use storage through Storage Manager in village.
    2. You can save and withdraw Items and Gold. Initial size is 8X5 and can be expanded slot or 1,2 Tab with cash item.

    Damage Generator

    1. You can check part of your damage in your party and skill part in your damage in real time.
    2. You can open Damage Generator with clicking icon on upper right of minmap.

    Commentary Board

    - You can share information of skill and quest with other people through ‘Commentary Board‘. Hotkey is J.

    ▶ How to use

    1. Select one among item, skill and quest. Put your mouse on an icon that you want and then push “J”

    2. Write your opinion and click OK

    Wrote comment gets Like or Dislike from other users. The comment that has Like at most will be BEST COMMENT.


    1. You can search what you want through Auction NPC easily and buy/sell it.

    Click [Consignment] from Auction NPC’s dialogue.

    2. Search Item

    - You can check registered item to sell from [Search Item] tab. And you can search item from the tab.

    3. Register Item

    4. You can register item that you want to sell and set price/registration period at [Register Item].
    - Commission is different by registration period.

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