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    You can talk with other players, check system message and enter command in chat window.

    ▶ Chat Setting

    When you R-Click tab, you can open new window.

    1. Create New Window

    You can use new window with original window independently.

    2. Chat Window Option

    You can set color of message, filter and etc.


    You can use command in chat window. (‘/Command’)


    ▶ Friend Registration

    You can manage [Friend and Block List] through ‘Friend List’ (Hot key is F).

    1. You register a friend with R-Click of the character. And you search and register a friend through friend window.


    1. You can block registered friends R-Click them in friend list.
    And you search and register a friend through friend block window.

    2. Limitations of block

    • Can’t see chat of character in block list
    • Can’t see chat window on character’s head
    • Can’t receive mail.


    You can make a party with 5 members at most. When your party enter a dungeon, monsters can be stronger according to number of members.
    But exp and reward are increased.

    ▶ Create Party

    You can invite to your party from Friend Management Window or with R-Click of a character.

    1. Party Setting

    Party leader has right of distribution.
    You can open Distribution Window with R-Click interface of character status.

    • You can set different way of distribution according to item grade.


    ▶ How to create guild

    You can create guild through Guild Manager in village.

    Level: Lv 5 and above

    Cost: 10000Gold

    You can check many information from Guild Window. (Hot key is “G”)

    ▶ Join Guild

    1. How to recruit guild member

    • When Guild Master set recruit members through Guild Info Window the guild will be listed in Guild List.

    - You can see ranking of whole guild from Guild List Window.

    2. Invite

    • Guild Master and members who has right can invite.
    • You can invite a character with R-Click or sending invite message from Guild Info Window.

    ▶ Guild Management

    1. Guild Level

    Guild levels up with guild exp by activities of guild members.
    Guild level is the condition for max number of members and Learning guild skill.

    2 Guild Coin

    Guild Coin is obtained by activities of guild members.
    You can buy guild skill, expansion of guild storage and attend guild PvP with guild coin.

    ▶ Guild withdrawal / Dispersal

    1. Guild withdrawal

    You can leave the guild when you click [Leave Guild] button in Guild Window.
    But you can’t leave the guild under below conditions.

    • Guild Master has to delegate guild master to other member to leave the guild.
    • You can’t leave the guild while the guild in standby time of guild war.

    2. Guild Expel

    Guild Master and members who has right kick a member out from the guild.
    You can kill a member out from Guild info Window.

    3. Guild Dispersal

    Guild Master can break up the guild through Guild NPC.
    But Guild can’t be broken under below conditions.

    • When any guild member is in the guild
    • When the guild is in the war


    You can send and receive gold, item and message by mail.

    ▶ Receive Mail

    1. When you receive mail, message will be displayed in the middle of screen and you can check with icon.

    2. Mail is divided into reward mail and normal mail.

    • Reward Mail is system mail.
    • Normal Mail is sent by other player.

    Send Mail

    You can send mail from Mail Box and attach items and gold.

    • You have to pay commission to send mail. If you attach items, you may pay additional commission.
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    the server is global? I am from venezuela I wanna play :$


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      hey, i am from Venezuela too

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    Well, if we can create guild for gold( no donate) it's very good. Thanks for that!