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[Game Guide] Dungeon

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  • [Game Guide] Dungeon


    Dungeon Play is one of important system to level up and obtain quest item.

    1. Kinds

    There are [Normal Dungeon] and [Hardcore Dungeon]. [Hardcore Dungeon] is displayed in the map. It has high level of difficulty.
    But you can get more exp and reward than normal dungeons.

    2. Location

    1) Entrance of Village: You can select a dungeon and village that you want to move.
    2) When you move to Entrance of Village, you can see continent map. You can see all dungeons around you.

    (You can see whole continent with R-Click and Drag.)

    3. Dungeon Information

    When you click a dungeon in continent map, you can see dungeon information.
    (Dungeon Name, Reserve and Number of Clear, Monster, and any other detail information)

    3. How to enter

    When you click “Enter” at the bottom, you enter the dungeon.

    4. Dungeon Play Process

    Enter → Hunting Monster and Collection → Move to Boss Room → Battle with Boss → Clear


    There are various traps in dungeons. So you have to play according to specific conditions.

    1. Kinds

    1) Taking bomb from monster and breaking wall
    2) Burning tree with flame item and making path
    3) Opening door with lever

    ※ There are various traps like riddle except above traps.
    You can check trap item from inventory. When you use the item or out from the dungeon, the item will be disappeared.

    How to receive reward

    1) Attack Boss Monster: When you defeat boss monster, the dungeon will be cleared.
    2) Reward of Clear: There are 4 select options for reward. When you click one of them, you can receive reward randomly.
    3) Reserve Reward: If you don’t like the reward, you can reserve it with Reserve button on upper right. When you clear same dungeon, you can receive better item.

    1. Dungeon Occupation

    There is MISSION in dungeon. When you clear dungeon after completing the MISSION, you can be listed yourself in ranking.

    (You can’t take MISSION at dungeons that are under Lv11.)

    2. Mission Reward

    Ranking will be reset cyclically. When you are Top 1, you can occupy the dungeon.
    When you occupy the dungeon, you can get various rewards like wings and buff.
    Even though you fail to occupy a dungeon, when you are list yourself in ranking, you will receive some reward. Reward will be send to mail box.
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    is it more does the world map just look well done? cuz it does.. hah!


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      Nice information. Literally can't wait to play this *Shakes with excitement*


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        I hope it's will be not so hard to find that items